The Golf Course

Hole Twelve

This is a relatively short par 5 over an undulating fairway. An old well or the out-of-bounds will catch a wayward 2nd shot on the right hand side. A bunker in front of the green catches balls falling short of the green. A very difficult green to read with many subtle borrows and ridges.

“A straight forward par 5 but the lay up shot is essential. Depending on your drive you can either take on the second mound to leave you a shot where you can see the pin or lay up in between the mounds which leaves a slightly trickier shot. The green is well protected with a large bunker short and right and a little pot bunker on the left. On the green itself there are numerous ridges and humps which can make putting a little tricky. Placing your ball on the right side of the green will give you the easiest opportunity of two putting.”
Paul Thomas Club Professional