Smart dress is expected both on the Course as well as in and around the Clubhouse.

Denim clothing is not permissible at any time except specific social events, then the dress code will agreed by the Board and published.


  • Men's shirts must have a collar and sleeves (Turtle/Roll Neck are acceptable)
  • Shirts tucked inside trousers
  • Tailored Shorts or long trousers
  • Long or short socks must be worn and socks must be visible
  • Recognised golf shoes
  • Golfing headwear to be worn with the peak forwards

Not Acceptable

  • Football Shirts, Rugby, T Shirts, Numbered, Track suits or Hooded Tops
  • No Denim Clothing
  • No 3/4 Trousers for Men
  • Shirts pulled outside of trousers/shorts
  • Sports shorts, beach shorts or cargo shorts/trousers
  • Trousers tucked into socks or shorts with socks rolled down
  • Training/Running shoes, Flip Flops

Club House Dress Code

Smart dress is expected at all times.
  • No Denim (except special social events agreed by Committee)
  • No Soiled or wet clothing
  • Outer clothing or headwear is not permitted in the Club House
  • Smart Footwear to be worn at all times to include Smart Shoes, Sandals (without socks in hot weather during the summer) smart canvas shoes are allowed in the Club House
  • Suitable shorts are allowed in the Club house except the dining area
  • After 18.30 a jacket and tie should be worn in the Dining Area
  • A screened area is provided in the Dining Room for those wishing to dine less formally
  • Mobile Telephone Calls are not allowed on the course or Clubhouse except for emergency use


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